Nauru Customs Service

Nauru Customs is responsible for revenue assessment of import duties, economic development through trade facilitation, protection of economic interests, security and the protection of society.

Customs has aligned its operations with national goals as identified in the Nauru Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) 2019-2030.  

Customs aligns to the NSDS priority for a stable, trustworthy, fiscally responsible government, and two NSDS goals:

  • Econ Goal 1: A stable macroeconomic environment conducive to private investment established
  • Cross-Goal 2: Strengthen and develop the institutional capacity of the Nauru public service

Key objectives for Customs in 2020-21 include:

  • Improved revenue collection
  • Strengthening of the customs legal framework
  • Establishment of a fully automated process environment
  • Trade facilitation
  • Improved compliance and enforcement
  • Movement towards PACER Plus Ratification
  • Capacity development.

Customs Vision, Mission and Values

Spirited and committed to being regionally recognised as a reference and model administration, utilising our valued human capital to be a frontrunner in applying Customs best practices and international standards on revenue protection, trade facilitation and border security.

Our mission is to serve our customers professionally, efficiently and with integrity, through facilitation of legitimate trade and travel, timely and fair assessment of lawful revenues owing to government, and effective border protection. Applying international best practices, we work towards ensuring compliance with all Customs-related laws and regulations, in order to assure the fiscal and socio-economic sustainability of the Republic of Nauru.

  • One Organisation
  • Results-focused
  • Responsive
  • Professionalism
  • Partnership & Engagement
  • Accountability & Integrity