Social Welfare Division


Social Welfare Division was established in 2020 to  provide advice to Government on social welfare priorities and policy options.

The Division is responsible for the strategy, policies and procedures related to the social welfare of Nauruan citizens, and the effective and efficient management and disbursement of social welfare payments, including managing budget and fiscal risks related to social welfare expenditure, to ensure value for money is achieved.

The Division also manages the social welfare database, undertakes research and analysis into social welfare related issues, and provides regular reporting on social welfare related matters.

Social Welfare Division supports NSDS Cross-Goal 1: strengthen and develop the institutional capacity of the Nauru Public Service.

It also supports Social-Goal 4: a cultural, socio-inclusive, cohesive and self-reliant community with sustainable livelihoods.

National Social Protection Strategy 2022-2032

Policies and Programs

The Division oversights the policy, procedures and payments for the following programs under Head 16:

  • Social Welfare – Birth Claims
  • Social Welfare – Death Claims
  • Back to School support
  • Social Services – Aged Pensions
  • Social Services – Disability Payments

In the 2020-21 Budget, the Government introduced a new Back to School payment of $50 per child per term, to ensure that parents can purchase necessary school items to outfit children with uniforms, shoes and other items to be ‘school ready’.  This is available for students enrolled in Nauru who have a good school attendance record.

The Government provides a fortnightly pension payment to those aged over 60 or who are disabled and are resident in Nauru and meet the eligibility criteria. 

The aim is to ensure that this group has access to money to cover some  essential living costs whilst resident in Nauru, where the individual does not have another source of regular income.

A person must meet the eligibility criteria to qualify for a pension payment.

If a person has another source of regular income, such as a job, they are not eligible for pension payments.

The pension is not means tested, but the person must be living in Nauru to be paid.

The pension payments are reviewed periodically.  The most recent review was in the 2020-21 Budget.  

Current pension rates are as follows:

  • Over 60 Aged pension $250 a fortnight
  • Over 70 Aged pension $300 a fortnight
  • Disability pension $250 a fortnight.

The Government provides payments to new mothers who give birth in Nauru to cover some of the initial costs related to bringing a new born baby home.

The current payments made on evidence of a new birth are:

  • $300 per child born to a mother who is employed
  • $600 per child born to a mother who is unemployed.

The Government provides a payment to bereaved families to assist with the cost of a funeral and related expenses in Nauru.

For deaths in Nauru, the current payment is $2000 per deceased person.