Planning and Aid Division

PAD is established to lead the implementation of the National Sustainable Development Strategy and manage international development assistance provided to Nauru. 

PAD’s activities align with Cross-Goal 1: Strengthen and develop the institutional capacity of the Nauru public service

PAD’s vision, mission and values mirror those of the Department of Finance: Effective and efficient allocation of resources for the development of Nauru.

PAD Core Mandates:

  • Oversight of the National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) implementation through sectoral and agency plans
  • Support the formulation of sector strategies and AOPs
  • Primary coordinator of Official Development Assistance to Nauru
  • Custodian of development funds
  • Facilitate implementation of ODA-supported activities.


Development Priorities

Nauru has recently updated its National Sustainable Development Strategy 2019-30.

The strategy outlines Nauru’s long term vision as ‘a future where individual, community, business and government partnerships contribute to a sustainable quality of life for all Nauruans’.

The central message is ‘partnerships for life’

Final NSDS 2019-2030

In 2019, Nauru undertook a voluntary review of its implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals


The Government has seven long term goals for Nauru:

  • Stable, trustworthy, fiscally responsible government
  • Access to quality education, formal and non-formal
  • Improved health and well being
  • Provision of enhanced social, infrastructure and utilities services
  • Development of an economy based on multiple sources of revenue
  • Enhance resilience against the impacts of climate change that is inclusive of rehabilitating and restoring degraded lands
  • Development of domestic food production for food security

The Government presents an annual development budget.  Links to the most recent ones are below.

2020-21 Dev Fund Projections

Ministerial Statement- Annual Development Report FY2019-2020 22 October 2020

The Government presents an annual development fund Annual Report.  Links to the most recent ones are below.

2020-21 Dev Fund Annual Report