Nauru fuel supply

The Department of Finance manages the joint venture agreement with Vital International to provide fuel services in Nauru.   Vital is responsible for the import of various fuel products and the day to day management of the Tank Farm.

No shortages or outages of fuel supply have occurred since Vital assumed the management of the fuel supply in 2015.

In 2015, the Government commenced an eight year major engineering upgrade to the Tank Farm to bring the operation to an international standard.  This work is expected to be completed by 2023.

A new pipe line to the Port is included in this upgrading work.  This will facilitate possible new fuel bunkering activity for ships using the new Port

During 2019-20, Nauru converted to supply of cleaner 10 parts per million (low sulphur) diesel fuel.

This will contribute to Nauru meeting its global commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is in line with other Pacific Island Countries and shows Nauru’s commitment to a better environment for all its people.

In 2020-21, the Government will commence a re-tender of the fuel supply contract for Nauru.  The testing of the market for operation and supply of fuel supplies will ensure Nauru obtains the best value fuel by international standards.

The new all-weather Port will allow for less risk for suppliers and decrease demurrage costs which equate to lower delivery costs.  It is expected that these factors will put downward pressure on the price of fuel in Nauru.