Organisation chart

Our ministers

There are two ministers in the Finance portfolio.

HON. Martin Hunt, MP

Minister Assisting the President

Minister for Finance and Sustainable Development

  • Department of Finance
  • Treasury
  • Planning and Aid Division (PAD)
  • Social Welfare Division
  • Bureau of Statistics
  • Nauru Revenue Office
  • Nauru Customs Service

Minister for Eigigu Holdings Corporation

  • Eigigu Holding Corporation
  • Eigigu Headquarters
  • Eigigu Civic Centre Inc.
  • Eigigu Supermarket Inc.
  • Eigigu Transport Services
  • Enigin (S.P) Inc.
  • Eigigu Financial Service Inc.
  • Eigigu Enterprises Inc.
  • Eastern Gateway Hotel Inc.
  • Meneń Hotel Inc.
  • Eigigu Shipping Services Inc.

Minister for Transport

  • Nauru Air Corporation
  • Nauru Airlines
  • Our Travel


HON. Russ Kun, MP

Deputy Minister for Finance and Sustainable Development

Deputy Minister for Nauru Port Authority


Our secretary

Novena Itsimaera

Secretary for Finance

Our department heads

Isikeli Voceduadua

Deputy Secretary Treasury

Terry Greenwood

Deputy Secretary Revenue

Jennifer Clarke

Deputy Secretary Customs

John Limen

Deputy Secretary PAD

Andy Cain

Deputy Secretary Social Welfare

Ipia Gadabu

Director Statistics

Greg Watson (Manager)

Agency of Bendigo Bank