Organisation chart

Our Minister

Director (Aid)

The Minister in the Finance portfolio.

H.E David Adeang, MP

The President

Minister for Public Services

  • Chief Secretary’s Department
  • Public Administration and Operations
  • Human Resources and Labour
  • Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages

Minister for Finance and Sustainable Development

  • Department of Finance
    • Treasury
    • Planning and Aid Division (PAD)
    • Social Welfare Division
    • Bureau of Statistics
    • Nauru Revenue Office
    • Nauru Customs Service
    • Fuel
    • Commerce & Business Development
    • Nauru Superannuation
    • Foreign Investment & Industry Development
    • Small Business Development
    • Offshore Registry
    • Commerce & Business Development

Minister for Eigigu Holdings Corporation

  • Eigigu Holding Corporation
  • Eigigu Headquarters
  • Eigigu Civic Centre Inc.
  • Eigigu Supermarket Inc.
  • Eigigu Transport Services
  • Enigin (S.P) Inc.
  • Eigigu Financial Service Inc.
  • Eigigu Enterprises Inc.
  • Eastern Gateway Hotel Inc.
  • Meneń Hotel Inc.
  • Eigigu Shipping Services Inc.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs

  • Department of Multicultural Affairs
    • Secretariat
    • Governance Section
    • Administration Section
    • Enduring Capability Team Section
    • Land Lease Section
    • Regional Processing Centre (RPC)
    • Safety & Security Section
    • Settlement which includes the Leaders Community Consultative Committee
    • Refugee Status Determination
    • Community Liaison Officer Project
    • Refugee Status Determintation

Minister for Eigigu Solution Corporation

Minister for Eigigu Procurement Limited

Our Secretary

Novena Itsimaera

Secretary for Finance

Our Department Heads

Andrew Keith FCCA, MSc

Deputy Secretary Treasury


Deputy Secretary Revenue

Richard Brennan

Deputy Secretary Customs


Deputy Secretary PAD

Andy Cain

Deputy Secretary Social Welfare

Greg Watson (Manager)

Agency of Bendigo Bank

Treasury Division Staff

Atunaisa Baleimatuku

Chief Accountant

Tuamelie Paea

Chief Financial System Manager

Abraham Itsimaera

Director Public Enterprise Monitoring Unit

Stephanie Bam

Director Budget & Debt

Krishnachandran Vakithodi

Director Reconciliation & Reporting

Ruthie Dimapilis

Director of Processing

'Ailine V. Taumoha'apai

Management Systems Accountant


Director Internal Audit


Director Fiscal Strategy

Rhoda Lee

Principal Bank Officer

Salote Harris

Senior Treasury Accessor / Acting Director Processing

Kismina Gadeanang

Treasury Accessor

Jadwiga Atsime

Office Manager

Fononga Akaiy

Accounts Payable Officer

Romania Hartman

Accounts Payable Officer

Raemyna Itsimaera

Reconciliation Officer

Lori Akubor

Treasury Analyst

Wenette Deiye

Reconciliation Officer

Rhianna Scotty

Budget & Debt Officer

Jomina Giouba

Assistant Budget & Debt Officer

Romika Ika

Assistant Accounts Payable Officer


Senior Accounts Payable Officer

Rangaua Redfern

Assistant Treasury Analyst

Planning and Aid Division Staff

Samuel Grundler

Acting Deputy Secretary (and Director, Aid)

Kristina Pawliw

Adviser, Planning and Aid Division

Rosco Cain

Director (Planning)

Creiden Fritz

Director (Aid)

Justin Togoran

Senior Accountant

Damon Adeang

Cross-Cutting Sector Specialist

Melca Rykers

Infrastructure Sector Specialist

Georgia Dowabobo

Assistant Sector Specialist

Peter Jack Giouba

Economic Sector Specialist

Timothy Teabuge

Administrative Officer

Liluv Itsimaera

Senior Aid Officer

Lindsay Thoma

Senior Statistics Officer (Social)

Ramrakha Detenamo

Senior Statistics Officer (Social) and Acting Director Statistics

Arrora Deiye

Assistant Statistics Officer

Trixie Thoma

Assistant Statistics Officer

Vada Tamakin

Statistics Support Officer


Statistics Officer (Natural Resource/Environment)


Information Manager

Revenue Division Staff

Michael Murphy

Tax Implementation Adviser (AusP3)

Bereka Redfern

Director Revenue

Massie Detenamo

Director Compliance

Tongi Matelita Hoponoa

Director Taxpayer Services

Roxana Detenamo

Director DMD / Accountant

Scentider Akubor

Assistant Director Revenue

Eigigu Brechtefeld

Senior Revenue Service Officer


Junior Revenue Officer

Holly Atto

Senior Taxpayer Officer

Serina Togoran

Senior Taxpayer Officer


Senior Taxpayer Officer

Rosetta Detenamo

Tax Technical Officer

Ramasus Augustine Dekarube

Administrative Officer

Triska Dageago

Taxpayer Service Officer

Janine Ribauw

Taxpayer Service Officer

Isaiah Cecil

Revenue Service Officer

Heartson Scotty

Revenue Service Officer

Jasina Akubor

Revenue Service Officer

Eduancy Uera

Audit Enforcement Officer


Audit Enforcement Officer

Vacant (2)

Supperannuation Audit Enforcement Officer

Customs Division Staff

David Detudamo

Director of Customs

Agency of Bendigo Bank Staff

Ginetta Gideon

Senior Aid Officer

Social Welfare Staff

Marcus Aremwa

Director of Social Welfare

Trisca Lisa Deiye

Social Welfare Service Officer

John Aduba Rodiben

Administration Officer